CONFIRMED: Antimatter Matters Arrival Dates!

Quarks! Just got official word from PandaGM.

1,500 copies of Antimatter Matters: A Quantum Physics Board Game (Really!) left port in China on April 10, will arrive at Seattle port April 24, and will be in our offices Wednesday, April 30.

We’ll start packing orders immediately, and will hold a fulfillment party that weekend to complete mailing prep.

Kickstarter backer orders will go out first, followed by pre-orders. More details soon.

- The Elbowfish

UPDATE: Estimated Shipping & Arrival Dates!

Greeting Quarks,

I’ve just received word from our manufacturer, PandaGM. Assembly of the games is complete, and they should be heading over to the Shenzhen port today. Estimated departure date: April 10, estimated arrival date in Portland: April 24.  Once this is confirmed and shipping docs have been sent to us, we will schedule our fulfillment party and let you know exactly when each of you can expect to receive your games (&, for our Kickstarter backers, your other rewards as well).

Just a little while longer!!

Peace, love and quarks,

David Galiel

T-Shirt & Lab Coats & Patches, Oh My!

That squeeee heard around the world was not a rogue quark flying around the CERN accelerator – nor the physics community celebration following the announcement of possible evidence for gravity waves. It was just us Elbowfishies, and the focus of our sqeeee was the following:

Newly arrived embroidered Antimatter Matters Backer Patches (can be either ironed-on or sewn on):



Backer T-Shirts (hard to see in photo, but they are navy blue not black);



Close up of Antimatter Matters logo on Backer T-Shirts:



We always credit our artists – close-up of lower-side of Backer T-Shirt



Back of Backer T-Shirt:



Backer Lab Coat (this one is embroidered with “Dr. Producer” (that’s me and, yes, it’s already rumpled!). The non-personalized labcoat reward is identical, just without the “Dr. [name]” part:



Close up of Lab Coat front:



SQEAC LABS Antimatter Matters logo on Lab Coat back.


The production quality is hard to see in the photos, but it is just extraordinary – thanks to our Portland providers of high-quality screen-printing and embroidery, Oregon Screen Impressions. Check them out at

Photos of our awesome launch party coming soon!

Peace, love and SQUEEEEEarks,



10% Off Antimatter Matters All Day This Saturday 3/15/2014!

Breaking News:

Even if you can’t come to our launch party in Portland, you can still join the celebration.

All orders of Antimatter Matters: A Quantum Physics Board Game (Really!) will be discounted 10% all day Saturday, from midnight to midnight PST. This includes in-store orders Guardian Games will be taking during the launch party Saturday night, as well as any online sales all-day on Saturday AND (additional 10% discount on already discounted) group sales.

Peace, love and quarks!

The Elbowfish

Unboxing 1st Antimatter Matters copies! T-shirt & Lab coats!

Hello quarks,

Short and quick:

Here’s Leana opening the first carton of finished Antimatter Matters games, express-airmailed to us for the launch party:


Here is a mockup of the backer t-shirt (this is the men’s cut) Note: the t-shirt appears black in the image, but Oregon Screen Printing have assured me the actual t-shirt is navy blue.

Elbowfish Tees comp

And here is the backer lab coat (Please Note: if your reward includes personalization, it will say “Dr. [your chosen name] instead of “Dr. Creator”. If you have no personalization, the “Dr. [YourName]” section will not appear on the front. The rest will still be there – “Backer”, our elbowfish URL and Thomas’ signature):

ElbowFish lab coat comp

Pretty cool, huh :-)


Final note: about half of you have already signed up with our new, opt-in mailing list on MailChimp, which is going to replace these Kickstarter updates. Those of you who haven’t signed up yet – please do, right here:

It only takes about five seconds and will allow us to send fewer, better updates. Thanks!

Peace, love and quarks,

David & Leana

March 15 Launch Party Special Announcement

We interrupt our normal update schedule to invite you to


Elbowfish Launch Full Page Color

IMPORTANT: If you will attend, PLEASE RSVP here:

(the event is free & open, but it will help us to plan munchies and more if you RSVP in advance)

If you live in Eastern Oregon or Eastern Washington and want to download flyers to print out and put up or give out to help us promote this event in your community, here are some versions you can use (all in PDF form):

Mini-flyers – 4 flyers to each 8.5×11″ page:
Full-color: Elbowfish Launch Full Color x 4 Up [Updated w. correct file 3/15]
Black & White: Elbowfish Launch Black & White x  4-Up

Full-page 8.5×11″ flyer:
Full color: Elbowfish Launch Full Page Color [Updated w correct file 3/15]

We will have a dozen advance copies of Antimatter Matters at the event for you to play with (specially airlifted from Panda GM’s China factory), as well as prototypes of our next game and, maybe, some sneak previews of our third game, which is in *very* early development.

In addition to awesome live music, our collaborating artists will be displaying some of their fine art work (not just related to our games) and signing autographs.

What? Oh. Do I have to? Fine. Grumble… Yes, OK, I’ll be performing an original quantum physics song in iambic pentameter, too…what was I thinking? – David

Invite all your friends, family, familiars, foes, frenemies and frotons (?) to join us because Guardian Games will also be taking new orders for Antimatter Matters at a special, one-day-only launch party discount* – because…

…Most recent word we have is that the entire game shipment should be on an actual cargo ship beginning its journey across the Pacific at the very time we are partying in Portland!! (where’s a blink tag when you really need one?)

IMPORTANT: If you will attend, PLEASE RSVP here:

Next update: back to our usual, unscheduled things.

*not quite a cool as the Kickstarter backer discounts, but still cool.



Sneak Preview of the Next Elbowfish Game!

While we’re all all eagerly waiting for Antimatter Matters to finish manufacturing & and ship out, I thought I’d tease you with a quick, sneak peak behind the scenes of our next game currently in development.

It’s a fun, grown-up, party game for creative thinkers, developed in consultant with critical thinking expert and (controversial) best-selling author Prof. Peter Boghossian, and it features the fantastical art of noted Portland illustrator, Noah Patrick Pfarr.

You may have seen Noah’s distinctive work in Entertainment Weekly, Penthouse Magazine, LA Weekly, NY Press, Nashville Scene, Portland Monthly, Portland Mercury, the Seattle Stranger and many more.

So, to start, here are some preliminary pencil sketches from Noah (click to view full-sized):


candles copy

Dragon_wisdom copy

Goats_in_a_tree copy

examination copy


These are just a few of the early sketches Noah created; in our next update, I’ll tease you further, with a few of the gorgeous full-color finished illustrations.

The game is in advanced development stages, with an expect release in the summer. Oh, and you’ll be able to playtest it, along with our third, unannounced game currently in development, if you can join us at our Elbowfish launch/Antimatter Matters retail release celebration March 15 in Portland.

Follow along on our blog at

Peace, love and quarks!

- David

1st Photos of Antimatter Matters Mass Manufacturing Copy – Hot off the Presses!

Greetings, Quarks!

We received a “mass manufacturing copy” of Antimatter Matters for review. This is the first copy to be manufactured and assembled on the actual line that the 1,500 production copies will be produced with.

Here are some photos:

box top


open box w rulebook


components in open box


Open box with components


Pretty exciting to see it all come together in an actual retail box!

Unfortunately, though you can’t see it in the photos, our review uncovered some quality control issues that we need to resolve before mass production continues. We have a call pending with PandaGM, our wonderful manufacturing partners, to discuss how they will address these issues.

As always, I will keep you posted on developments.

Peace, love and quarks

- David

Update on Shipping Antimatter Matters

Hello, Quarks,

Quick update on shipping.

In December, we were notified that our shipment would be ready to go before the Chinese New Year, which is January 31. Unfortunately, PandaGm has notified us that the vendor they use for wooden components has run into some problems and will be unable to complete those components before the holiday. Factories shut down for two weeks for the Chinese New Year, and outgoing cargo ships are booked solid immediately after the holiday break.

This means that our best estimate for games arriving in Portland is March 20-25. We are organizing a fulfillment party for the day they arrive and expect to be able to ship out all 600 copies within 24 hours. While this is still technically Q1 of 2014, it still feels to us like we’ve let you down.

Your games will arrive, later than you or we would like them to, but they will arrive. In all honesty, it’s out of our hands at the moment (despite our efforts the past couple of weeks to find another solution). The wooden components we specified are particularly challenging to produce consistently at the level of quality and accuracy required (the complex silkscreening can’t be rushed without compromising quality). PandaGM upholds the highest standards, which is the main reason we chose them as our manufacturing partner, and they have been nothing less than wonderful to work with.

This is ultimately my responsibility as CEO. Despite all the advance planning and all the buffers I put into our schedule to account for inevitable delays and complications, I underestimated time to fulfillment. Lessons learned, and it will not happen again. That doesn’t put Antimatter Matters in your hands any sooner, but it is a promise that we will get better as we grow. Elbowfish will deliver.

All Kickstarter rewards, (t-shirts, labcoats, patches,  art prints, special cards etc) are on schedule and all will be ready for inclusion with your games.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any question, concerns or requests. Best way is to use the contact form on our website,

Peace, love and quarks

David Galiel CEO & Producer, on behalf of the Elbowfish

Kickstarter Addons Last Call, New Pre-Order Store, Launch Party Scheduled & More

Dear Quirky Quarks & Assorted Elbowfishies:

This is an important update. Please read all the way through.


1st, for our Kickstarter Backers:

As we enter into the final production phase of the board game and various Kickstarter rewards, we need to know exactly how many Kickstarter exclusive t-shirts (in which sizes), patches, lab coats, prints, etc. to manufacture. This means we have to “Lock down” backers’ orders on BackerKit.

AFTER JANUARY 15, 2014, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO PURCHASE KICKSTARTER-EXCLUSIVE ADD-ON ITEMS (including add’l copies of Antimatter Matters at the special backer-reduced price of $53). On January 16, we will charge backers’ accounts for any additional add-on purchases that have not yet been paid.

You can click on the link in your original Backerkit invite email to log back in and add any add-ons to your original order. If you don’t have that link available, contact us directly and we will resend the invite link.

Note: Shipping address changes can still be made until actual fulfillment begins.


For Everyone:

At last! A spiffy new pre-order page for Antimatter Matters is up and running on our website. Anyone who missed the opportunity to pre-order during our Kickstarter can do so immediately.

You can now direct your friends, family and select strangers you accost on the street to where they can pre-order their own copies of the game. The new store allows payment using a PayPal account OR any major credit card.

NOTE:  If you tried to pre-order using the old form but were unsuccessful due to technical problems – please try again using this new form. As always, contact us directly if you have any questions or need any help (or want to send us another love poem!)


Mark your calendars:

WHAT: PLAY MATTERS! - The Official Elbowfish Launch Party.

WHEN: March 15, 2014 from 7:00pm-11:00pm

WHERE: Guardian Games in Portland, Oregon

  • Meet Game Designer/Creative Director Leana Galiel and CEO/Producer David Galiel!
  • Meet the featured artists/illustrators for all three of our current games & view their original art works!
  • Listen to some of the best live musical talent in the Pacific Northwest!
  • Be the very first anywhere to play the actual, published 1st edition of Antimatter Matters! We will have copies of the game available to play at the party, fresh off the PandaGM manufacturing line!
  • Playtest our new critical thinking party card-game.
  • Snack, Drink & Play Games (Guardian Games has thousands on sale and hundreds available to try out for free)!
  • Details to come, including some surprises
ATTENTION: Kickstarter backers whose rewards include an invitation to the “Portland Official Launch Party” will receive a private VIP invitation that includes special events, goodies and other surprises.



Our Kickstarter for Peter Boghossian’s Think: A Critical Thinking Party Card-Game, featuring Portland illustrator Noah Pfarr, launches in early March 2014. Stay tuned for details.


All for now, but MUCH MORE  to come! Happy New Year, and Thank You All for your support!

Peace, love and quarks,

- David & the Elbowfish