ABOUT Elbowfish

We create fun games that make you think – well-crafted, non-digital games that you can play with friends and family.
Our games are winning awards and acclaim for their compelling gameplay, artistry and accessibility.

From the creator of
Apples to Apples®

Coming in mid – 2018!

  • Inventor: Matt Kirby
  • Development & Design: Levi Mote
  • Art Director/Lead Artist: Lee Moyer
  • Illustrator: Lyla Warren


Elbowfish produces exciting content that encourages critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and civic participation — without sacrificing fun. 

“Tastes great – AND, more fulfilling!”

Antimatter Matters:
A Quantum Physics
Board Game (Really!)

  • Our award-winning game has just
    about sold out its first edition! 
  • Indicade Award Finalist
  • IndieCade Festival Selection

Working with local, freelance, creative talent, we combine popular entertainment with public good.

The collaborative, story-telling card game for creative thinkers like you

  • Illustrations by Noah Patrick Pfarr
  • Includes a FREE Intro to Critical Thinking by Dr. Peter Boghossian

Apples To Apples® trademark and trade dress are owned by Mattel, Inc. 
No association between Mattel, Inc. and Elbowfish, LLC is implied or intended.