Antimatter Matters: A Quantum Physics Board Game (Really!)

“The perfect recipe for a fun-filled, nerdy evening.” - Physics Central
“Was made for people like me.” - Giant Freakin Robot
“It’s like CERN the board game!” - Ain’t It Cool News

Antimatter Matters - A Quantum Physics Board Game (Really!)


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NOTE: Kickstarter is over. We exceeded our goal, and Antimatter Matters is currently in manufacturing. 



As the lead scientist on an orbiting space laboratory, you are in charge of humanity’s first attempt to construct ordinary matter from individually captured elementary particles.

You will encounter hazards like quantum entanglement, antimatter collisions and solar flares messing up your instruments, while facing the actions of other player-scientists racing toward the same goal.

Will you be the first to collect the right particles and successfully build an atom?

Antimatter Matters balances strategic choices, surprising interactions with other players and the unpredictable nature of the universe. Simple rules—10 minutes to learn—lead to exciting, fun gameplay.

Explore the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics, where a handful of tiny particles interact to form the atoms that make up ourselves and everything we experience in the world around us.

  • Competitive Mode: Race to be the first scientist to artificially construct a hydrogen atom.
  • Team Mode: Work with your team to construct more complex atoms in a race against other teams.
  • Cooperative Mode: Work together to build even more complex atoms, all the way up to carbon.

Regular and Challenge levels for every Mode.
Mix and match Modes and Levels so players of different ages and skills can play a fair and competitive game.
Accessible to gamers with color-blindness and to those with limited vision or fine-motor skills. Rules are available as a downloadable audio file at

1 Board + Spinner Arrow
18 Up Quarks
18 Down Quarks
12 Gluons
6 Photons
6 Electrons
6 Scientist Pawns
6 Proton + Electron Mats
6 Neutron Mats
1 Turn Token
4 Quantum Entanglement Tokens
2 Energy Dice
105 Cards


Antimatter Matters

An Elbowfish LLC Game

Conceived and Created by: Scott Isler © 1994
Developed, Produced and Published by:

Elbowfish LLC © 2013

  • Creative Director & Game Designer: Leana Galiel
  • CEO & Producer: David Galiel

Featured Game Artist: Thomas Conrad Rigby

Manufactured by: PandaGM


  • Videographer: Denis Lemeshchenko
  • Photographer: Tori Galiel

Thanks to our early playtesters! (In no particular order:)

J.P. Rodman, Blair Stewart, Erica Benjamin, Clay Peterson, Jacob Clague, Anthony Yvarra, Nihal Gooneratne, Linda Nguyen, Megan Fanning, Bradley Sherman, J.Scot McDonald, Kulu Maphalala, Malaika Maphalala, Raichle Dunkeld, Brad Paul, Jeff Taits, Daniel Singer, Justin Pando, David Charles, Jordi “Jedi Master” Charles, Justin Grote, Michael Robinson, Joe Mello, Brennon “Bruce” Barbera, James Bowen, Debra Galiel, Tori Galiel, Royal Stuart, Karl Sigel, Irwin Yablok, Jeff Mitchell, Bob Purinton, Tsipa Swan, Collin Whittemore, Jonathan Shelton, Justin Juan, Larissa Ekonoja, Gavin White, Jessica Skidmore, Coryn Pavelsky, Spoodles MacPhee, Nick Sowden, Aman Motazedian, Victor, Graf, Michael R. Condon, Robert J. Beachler, Ben Oelgart, Eric Weatherby, Annah Ahimsa, Lisa Olivas, Adam Gaya & many more whose names we forgot to collect. Thank you all.

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