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Our Stand Against The Gun Industry

Elbowfish is, and always has been, a triple-bottom line company, dedicated to making a positive difference in our community and the world, in the way we treat our team, and in our commitment to focus on building a business than achieves sustainability by focusing on maximizing quality and service, rather than on maximizing profit.

As we embark upon our next phase in growth, I want to make explicit what has always been a core principle of mine and our company:

Elbowfish will NOT partner with, collaborate with, accept sponsorships, investments or grants from, nor engage in any way with companies or organizations whose primary focus and/or revenue source is the design, development, manufacture, distribution and/or promotion of firearms.

The games we design, develop, publish and/or promote will not glorify gun violence, diminish the pain and suffering they cause, or promote use of firearms as a means of conflict resolution.

As Founder and CEO of Elbowfish, I am committed to ensuring that we contribute, in our own small way, to a more peaceful, tolerant and safe world. As a military veteran and former Executive Director of Beyond War, I am committed to helping reduce the death and destruction – and climate of fear – created by the absurd proliferation of privately owned firearms in the US. With 4.4% of the global population, Americans own nearly half of all privately owns guns in the world. Enough.

If guns are, in any way, your business, we don’t want your business.


David Galiel, Founder & CEO of Elbowfish LLC

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