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Through Dec 31, 10% of every sale donated to Institute of International Education

Through December 31, Elbowfish will donate 10% of every sale to the Institute of International Education,

IIE is a wonderful, independent not-for-profit whose mission is “to advance international education and access to education worldwide.”

They  accomplish this by:

  • managing scholarships, training, exchange and leadership programs
  • conducting research and facilitating policy dialogue on global higher education
  • protecting scholarship around the world

IIE has been quietly changing lives since 1919. They are rated 4 stars (out of 4) on Charity Navigator, and have consistently been noted for their transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

You can read more about who they are and the wonderful work they do on their website:

We are proud to contribute in our own modest way to helping a cause dear to our heart. Education, particularly education in critical thinking and the scientific method, is the catalyst that energizes all constructive social change. There is nothing more powerful than the power to think. Help us, get a great game, and help IIE make a difference by ordering Antimatter Matters and/or JUX today.

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We’re On The YouTubes!

Jessie Hendricks has an excellent, entertaining, informative and hilarious YouTube show called “Everyday Science” (check out her 30 “Element a day in May” videos!) She recently did an unboxing of our new game, JUX, (a collaborative, storytelling game for creative thinkers) with a special guest. Check it out! Then, subscribe to her channel.

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Like Holiday Ads? Neither Do We. So, We Lowered Our Prices Instead!

I don’t know anyone who ever said, “please, sir, may I have some more…advertising”? So, rather than add to the torrent of ads bombarding us all during and in the run up to the holidays, Elbowfish has decided to pass on the savings to you, your family & friends, to help you get a head start on holiday gift shopping.

Starting today, until Thanksgiving, we have lowered our prices to the lowest they have ever been.

Antimatter Matters is just $49 – 29% off the MSRP of $69.

JUX is just $19 – 24% of the MSRP of $25.

So, this is your chance – help us fight the scourge of holiday advertising and spread the word – “Those crazy Elbowfish are at it again!!”

Peace, love and stories,

David & the Elbowfish

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Welcome to our new website. Pardon the dust.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to take a look around—Even though we haven’t put the final coat of paint on this place (a fancy way of saying we haven’t put the Elbowfish brand on it), most everything works. In fact, you can check out our games, Antimatter Matters and JUX , and even buy copies, via Amazon, directly on this site.

NOTE: Antimatter Matters is $10 off for a limited time, and JUX is just $25. Save 5% if you buy both. (If you have an Amazon account, shipping may even be FREE, depending on your location & what you order.)

Have fun!

P.S. In the coming days, we’ll be spiffing things up, moving stuff from our old site, and adding shiny new content for you to enjoy. We also have some new community features coming. You’ll have to check back to learn about those.

Take a swim and let us know if anything seems out of place.

–David Galiel, Co-Founder & CEO, Elbowfish